Be A Business Person, Not A Salesperson…

Jonathan Brickman
21 April 2018

I am a life long student of business and sales so let me share a real story to drive home a point, the subject of this post…

It’s not often a prospect gives you a complement as a seller, but when you get one it’s worth taking note of.

This particular person complemented me on my candor when it was clear we couldn’t help with our service offering. Rather than continuing to spin some story about how he could still use my product by weaving some far fetched use case…which apparently many other sellers insist on doing…we just had an honest conversation and realized quickly there wasn’t a match.

We laughed and lamented a bit about many in the “sales profession” and I explained my atypical experience as an executive, which allowed me to get to the core quickly and not waste anyone’s time. I behave as a business person as opposed to as a pure sales person, which I think is very different and is more effective.

So, what’s my point?

  1. Listen, listen, listen…
  2. Determine if there is a fit quickly
  3. Act like a business person as opposed to a product pusher
  4. Engage on a genuine business level
  5. If there is a reason to do business, continue; otherwise, move on

While we didn’t have a fit, the conversation was productive for the following reasons:

  1. If the product expands to meet their needs, he will take my call
  2. I planted a positive seed and there may be a viral effect if this person knows someone in his network that could be a buyer
  3. I started a professional relationship
  4. I reinforced my personal brand

Be a business person. The sales will follow.



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