Maybe it’s my engineering background or maybe it just makes good sense to optimize resources.  I think lead generation should be mostly a mechanical, repeatable process as opposed to relying on cold calls, trade shows, linkedin…build an engine.

I have participated in a lot of social media discussions lately about lead gen so this is clearly a “top of mind” topic and one that is changing with social media but the basics of good business still apply.  Maximize resources.  Do I really want my salespeople spending time cold calling or do I want them working to close a generated lead?

I come out on this discussion in very simple terms, build the engine.  We have lots of tools now so we should use them to attract prospects naturally as opposed to the old-fashioned bang them over the head approach.  Use SEO, automated email marketing, social media, as well as all of the “old” methods…use them all but build a process and build an engine that will run every day like turning on your car to go to work.

Would you go to work and have a normal day if your car didn’t turn over?  Then why do we waste time slugging it out without a steady, predictable lead gen engine if we expect our salespeople to build pipelines and close business?  Why do I want my salespeople walking to work and showing up exhausted?  I don’t.

Spend the time and build the lead gen engine before you start wasting a lot of cycles on pipeline management.


Jonathan Brickman

Sales and Business Strategist

Bethesda, MD 20814



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