I am always on the lookout for new sales and marketing tools…and I came across Mailmentor.io. It looks really great and wanted to share this:

Writing emails to reach out to cold prospects can be more of an art than a science. Luckily, however, the team over at Octavius Labs is working to apply more science to the selling process by building AI, which helps salespeople be more effective sellers.

Most recently, they released a free tool called Mailmentor.io, which coaches sales people through writing better cold email.


“My team and I were looking for a more effective way to write sales emails, so we started by reading the dozens of articles out there on email optimization.” said Jimi Smoot, the Managing Partner at Octavius Labs.

To make this information more actionable, the team took what they learned and built a statistical model which they could run their emails through to help optimize for reading time, reading grade level, and improve the overall structure.

After a bit of internal use, the model was released as Mailmentor.io, and it’s a lifesaver if you are looking for easy ways to optimize your cold emails.

What other tools do you use to write better cold emails?

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