As the old expression goes…“hang a shingle” and business will follow.


It’s true, without doing much else, by virtue of just starting a business there will most likely be demand for your product or service. Now, whether you have what it takes to build a successful enterprise is an entirely different story.

Thanks to social media, particularly this platform – LinkedIn, we are thrust into business, so to speak, with our digital shingles. So we all share the similar challenge in business – how do we create and maximize our personal shingles?

Most of us are not built like entrepreneurs, never mind marketing professionals…so most struggle to build the correct personal brand, which is very much needed in this digital age, in order to tell our respective stories.

Just like the shingle for business, our personal shingles are what attract or deflect opportunities, yet most of us put up a “less than good” profile on LinkedIn, use the same cliche lines, don’t take the time to create their personal “shingle”.

I have not mastered this either, but I continually work at it and I am sure it has paid off with:

1) Networking opportunities

2) Invitations for business opportunities

3) Investment Opportunities

4) The many other things I am not aware of that are all part of my personal brand when someone does a google search and sees my LinkedIn profile, reads my blog, watches a video…before they decide to engage with me.

So, start working on your “shingle” and make sure it reflects who you are and what you want others to know and think about you as you move forward in the new digital world.

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