Jeffrey Gitomer says this in his “Little Red Book of Selling”, which is one of my all time favorite sales books!!!  so I can’t take credit for this…but I do agree with the concept.

Here is how I interpret his belief.  Get out of the sales mode, robot mode….and get real, make a connection so you can start talking and have a conversation.  The faster you get to this stage, the higher the probability of making a sale.  People want to buy from people they like.  You have to have a solution, of course…but there are many solutions and the buyer can make a business case for any of them. 

My first real sales course I will always remember what the instructor said – The client is buying you.  That stuck with me and I continue to do business this way.  I try to be myself and be natural.  It really works.  It builds a relationship faster than any ROI or business case you can make, trust me.

Be yourself and sell with confidence and the rest will follow.


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