If you can make your sales process interesting then you have a better chance to connect and add a personal element to the opportunity.  Otherwise, I think the sales 2.0 folks are correct and I would rather spend my money on a great marketing engine and a young kid with a script.

Have you ever listened to a great story-teller?  You are engaged and you are totally dialed in to the story.  You can picture yourself in the story playing out the role of whomever you associate with.  Am I right?

Isn’t it so much more compelling to tell a prospect about a similar company that used your solution and landed a new client, or saved a ton of money,…instead of vomiting the long list of features and benefits that your listener heard from the other sales guy selling a similar product who swore it was the best too.

Tell a story that the buyer can identify with and you will have them paying attention.  Add some humor and you may even build a relationship.  Know how to close and watch out!

Learn your product and your business inside and out and then you can throw away the script, loosen up, and have some fun.

Enjoy the weekend.


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