My Philosophy

If you remember nothing else, remember this, and embrace this attitude and you will be a superstar:

Walk into every meeting believing that you will come out with a deal, you will solve a problem, you will help a client do their job better. This attitude has worked for me and it will work for you but it has to be real. If you don’t feel this way, do something else, sell something else.

Cutting Through The Noise

There are oodles of books, seminars, conferences, blogs….on how to sell. They all have something good to say, but it’s really pretty simple if you cut through all the advice.

I have been selling all my life, in different industries, and I think I have figured out what it takes to be a great salesperson, build a big, lasting client base…and you don’t need to read another book, promise. I have read my share of books too and I have 3 decades of selling and client service under my belt so let me share what I have learned so you can save some money buying books! I continue to sell every day and I have coached all of my teams over the years and continue to do so daily. Here is my basic philosophy – Get to know your clients really well, be authentic, and KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).

Know Your Clients Really Well

Great salespeople and account service professionals know their clients really well so they can help them get what they need.

If you can help them then you are in business. Okay, so what does that really mean that’s different from all the other advice out there? Let me break this down in simple terms (KISS). Sales is like any other relationship you have. If you want a great, meaningful relationship you have to get really close to your partner or how can you possibly know what they need? How can you possibly help someone if you don’t know what makes them tick, if you don’t know what is happening in their life right now….You can’t! Business relationships work the same way, but 95% of the salespeople and account managers out there don’t get this and resort to pushing products. It doesn’t really work that way.

Get to know your client, as much as possible! Get to know their business; know the way things get done at their company; know how the decision maker gets rewarded, what challenges he/she is facing, current business objectives, corporate events….all these things that have absolutely nothing to do with what products they use or how the bells and whistles of the product you are selling works.

When you figure all of this out…and only then…should you start thinking about how to fit and sell your solution.

Your Clients have goals and dreams and they want help to make these things happen.

At the end of the day, they really don’t care about your product. Really…they don’t. They just care about the results and what that means for them.

Here is what I think your prospects and clients do care about.

  1. Achieving their business objectives so they can get recognized and rewarded
  2. Realizing their personal goals, get home early, take a nice vacation
  3. Shedding all the things they hate to do that get in the way of being productive

in Summary

Be natural, not robotic. Be conversational, not stiff and formal. Have fun. Take chances! And, oh, work harder than the guy next to you. All of these things are really pretty easy but they take discipline to execute every day, and I mean every day. Your competition won’t do these things because it takes energy and passion to do these basics daily and most will look for short cuts and get lost in the crowd. Rise above the noise by standing out and exercising your unique personality. Your clients will love you and you will be very successful. Oh, I almost forgot…and walk into every meeting believing that you will leave with some business!

Have the right attitude…and have fun.


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