What I Can Do For You

Sales and Business Consulting

I am available to take on select sales and business consulting projects.  I am primarily interested in strategic assignments, where I can efficiently leverage my experience.

Examples of project assignments:

Client facing (sales and client service) organizational design and strategy:

  1. Go to market strategy
  2. Sales and market infrastructure (stack)
  3. Product marketing “messaging”
  4. Sales process design
  5. Client service operations
  6. Pricing model design
  7. Compensation structure design
  8. CRM/Salesforce design

Other roles and assignments:

  1. Sales and Business development
  2. Channel strategy
  3. Capital introduction
  4. Strategic advisory
  5. Business plan and proforma guidance
  6. Board of directorships

I am available for consulting assignments. Call me, send an email, or fill out my contact form below and we will talk.

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