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I don’t know about you, but I have never been fond of a “sales pitch

Isn’t sales really more about a courtship rather than a pitch, when you think about it?

A sales pitch  suggests a one time event, once chance to get it right, down the middle…right?  We all know by now it takes time to build a meaningful relationship.  Yeah, knowing what to say when you meet someone, leave a voicemail, send an email…is critical in order to start the process, but the winning formula demands some “romance” so you can create a meaningful relationship and agree on what the right solution should be to work together.

So, what does this mean in practice?  For me, I try to connect first and then start the courtship.  Rather than deliver a “sales pitch” I find it more effective to start a conversation or tell a story about the issues around what my product or solution is aiming to solve.

For example, some ways to engage:

  1. Hey, I was speaking with so and so and found out they just purchased this to solve issue ABC
  2. Event X is coming up soon, will I see you there?
  3. Your colleague suggested I connect with you to discuss what we are doing
  4. Are you having the same challenges as your peers are?
  5. I’m curious what you are doing about XYZ

I think you get the point…

Sales is a process of getting to know your prospect and building a professional relationship so you earn the right to present a solution. These folks are getting hammered constantly and the last thing they need to hear is another “sales pitch” when they haven’t even asked for one.

No one really wants another “sales pitch” but people are always hungry for a real life story about how others have used your services and experienced success. Now, it’s not easy for most of us to do this but it’s very effective, trust me.

Instead of spewing the normal value proposition, what if you told a real life story describing how someone came on board, very reluctant at first, and then realized value way beyond what they had every imagined…and this experience was with a peer of the prospect you are speaking to. I think you can imagine the impact this makes.

  • Don’t be a slave to a sales pitch.
  • Engage
  • Be a story-teller
  • Have real conversations
  • Find some great case studies
  • Come up with a repeatable, practical story, and give it a go.

Have fun.

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