of Buyers!

I talked about this in an earlier post but we live in a world of information overload and therefore a more efficient marketplace.  Whether you like it or not, you will have competition and if you are successful your efforts will spawn even more competition.

It’s ok, stand strong and you will be fine.  There isn’t a marketplace in the world that doesn’t have competition.  The key is the way you play the game and compete. 

In my attempt to bring this down to real world stuff…let me relay a real life scenario this week where a VP Sales bypassed my sales rep trying to get a better deal.  Bravo, I do the same thing, why not?

No surprise, the buyer wanted a better price so we talked and ended up negotiating a 2 year deal and we got a bump in year 2, stayed within our pricing guidelines, and everyone walked away happy.  Notice, we didn’t just cave and concede on price – we made a fair trade.

There is a very big difference between price haggling and negotiating.  Can anyone out there tell me the difference?

Headed for a record month folks as we are hitting the tipping point and the market recognizes the added value we are bringing – stay far away from the commodity business!

A few more selling days this month so let’s close strong.


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