Ok, we have gotten pretty good with sales 2.o, SEO, social selling,….all the new ways to bring someone into the sales funnel, but technology hasn’t replaced what happens after someone is at the font door when it counts, ready to buy.

I don’t care how they get there, they all end up in the same place – speaking to a live salesperson.

I don’t know about you, but I think we are still struggling with the same challenges, because the last mile of the sales process still requires a human being and that’s when it’s game time and the technology stuff is in the rear view mirror and it’s mano against mano.

I was playing consumer today and I had the pleasure of witnessing the current sales professional first hand and I have to say, I wasn’t impressed.  Yes, I did the web research and I learned as much as I could..but I had to call someone to find out the necessary details…

I won’t bore you with all of the details but here are real examples of responses I got when I brought up some alternatives:

  • No one does what we do.
  • Yeah, they are more expensive.
  • Well, we are just better…
  • Lot’s of feature vomit…
  • Person never asked me what I needed the product for, huh?

This person didn’t guide me through my thinking like they were supposed to do, rather fed me some cliché, sort of worthless sales stuff that pushed me further away from a decision. What happened to all that sales training and where is the knowledge from the endless supply of sales books and sales blogs…same ole same ole…?

I remain, technology is not the complete solution.

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