We are all products of our environment and rather than deny parts of your background, why not leverage that experience in life and business.

For me…I come from a place with all sorts, and I mean all sorts….One minute I would be studying in an AP class and the next minute would be breaking up a fight or engaged in my own.  It was that sort of town and you know what, I am better off for it.  I learned the valuable skills of how to interact with all types and adapt.  I didn’t realize the education I was getting at the time but I sure do now.

It’s a fact that all great salespeople listen, adapt, and then respond to their audience.  You have to be flexible to do this or you are just another sales robot pushing some product and we all know there is nothing special about that.  People do business with people…remember that always.  The key is to connect and then see if there is a way to work together that makes sense.  Be yourself, be authentic, be human…and the “connecting” thing will be a lot easier and your results will soar.

I sure am glad where I am came from.  What a precious gift I was given!  I can navigate my way through life and business with the best of them. 

Sell to win.


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