I have been busy and, admittedly, on a bit of a blog respite as I am back at it again helping to build and energize a sales and client service organization…they call this a start-up!

Anyway, I think it can be intimidating for someone to start the building process again in the wake of the never-ending flow of new tools and supposed new techniques for engaging and generating sales.

It’s true, there are lots of new things always coming at you….


The basics still carry the day and we shouldn’t forget that these concepts will never die and will always prove to be the bedrock for any organization.

So, what am I referring to?

  1. Get the right people on the team, people are everything
  2. Get the messaging and service deliverables tight, you need to know what you are selling
  3. Process is critical and keep refining to get better and more efficient
  4. Build and work through a sensible pricing strategy and then hold firm
  5. Execute, execute, execute…or nothing will happen regardless how good your offering is
  6. Create a winning culture, this is what creates a sustainable business

The basics still carry the day.

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