There is lots of discussion about the importance of culture these days.  Some argue that culture is more important than strategy.

In fact, in a recent study by Booz & Company, their findings were revealing,

Key Findings

Some of the key findings from the survey are as follows:


  • 84% believe culture is critical to business success.
  • 96% said some form of culture change is needed within their organisation.
  • 51% think a major overhaul is currently needed in their culture.
  • 60% think culture is more important than strategy or operating model.
  • Only 35% think their company’s culture is effectively managed.

I agree and have a hunch Enterprise believes so too and does it right.

I love their television campaign that conveys such a strong company culture that oozes with a positive vibe.  What I find interesting about the ad campaign, as compared to other product focused ads, is the focus on culture and not the client solution.  The implication is that culture is what drives the customer experience…it’s all connected.

When I was involved with my first M&A transaction, we discussed the importance of culture and the desire to bring “our company” culture to the combined entity. Long story short, our great culture was subsumed by the new leadership.

I witnessed firsthand the impact of a changed culture.  We changed and we lost clients, we lost some key talent…even to this day I hear stories about they way we were…although I am long gone.

A strong and winning culture is a powerful force.

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