Ok, I have been a bit negative with recent posts regarding inside sales experiences but, yesterday, had a great experience with someone who called me after a request for more information and I must say the experience was very good.

Here is what I liked about the experience and I would suggest writing this down because it was one of the best I have witnessed in some time and I would clone it if I could…

This inside sales professional:

1. Immediately engaged me with an easy demeanor so I was willing to listen to the story
2. Educated me on a very new technology so I could make sense of the offering and determine if it made sense at all to continue the discussion
3. Knew his stuff well enough to suggest some use cases to further help understand the offering
4. Was relaxed and conversational as opposed to mechanical, thankfully!
5. At the end, suggested that other technologies may be a better choice given the constraints of the offering
6. Spent the call figuring out how he could help me and never asked me for anything in return

Superb! I called his manager and let her know how nice a job this person did and how I wish I had a team full of people like him. She was very pleased to receive the feedback.

All in all, a refreshing experience and hope that there are good ones out there!

Inside sales is so critical towards building a viable pipeline. Take the time to find someone with the right traits and then turn them into an asset.


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