It’s almost comical to me how many times I have heard salespeople make it seem that to “ask for the order” is a heroic effort.  Huh…Isn’t that what salespeople are supposed to do?

I had a call with a seemingly well qualified, solid opportunity and I asked in a very polite and straightforward way what the process was to get a decision to start using the service.  I received a very pleasant and direct reply…no big deal!

When you go into a restaurant and look at a menu doesn’t the waiter/waitress ask you what you would like and if you have questions they are answered?  Well, why should B to B sales be any different?  Find out what your prospect needs and then show them your solution and take the order, right!

If you don’t ask for the order, I can guarantee you that there will be no order.  Sometimes it’s really as simple as that when you realize you have something of value.  Go get it before they walk out of the restaurant and go get their lunch somewhere else because there are lots of sellers also asking for the order.

God knows we can’t control a lot of what’s going on out there but we can control our behavior.

Hope you had a great quarter.


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