There’s a new movement in the air…


And, I am happy for this, because I’m getting fatigued by watching all the

  • Hyperbole
  • Puffery
  • Mutual Admiration
  • Self serving engagement

We all know it – social media encourages a lack of authenticity and promotes gamesmanship.

These platforms are intended to facilitate engagement and real relationships. They do for sure…but I continue to witness loads of interaction based on social ranking, which perpetuates all the other “stuff”, behavior that will increase one’s social status.


We love to talk about disruption and all that jazz…but I don’t see enough access for those that have something disruptive to say unless they rank.

These views are not new for me. It’s the same phenomenon I have experienced bringing something new to the market. Until there is some acceptance, until the crowd gets behind you, it’s a battle.

Keep making noise, be disruptive, remain authentic, and continue to build your brand.

Everything comes out in the wash.


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