We all love to talk about the “Buyer’s Journey” and for good reason, because as much as we want to control and influence the sales process, the buyer really is in control so let us not forget that truth, and let that dictate our “Sales Process”.

Think about all the creative tools we now have to help us with the sales process, in addition to the basic CRM and email platform:

  • Email drip campaigns – Marketo, Eloqua
  • Autodialers – RingDNA, ConnectAndSell
  • Presentation tools like Clearslide, Docusend
  • Collaboration tools – google drive, slack, chat
  • Sales intelligence platforms – RainKing, DiscoverOrg, Inside Sales
  • Artificial Sales Assistants for god’s sakes…Conversica, Salesbox
  • And on and on and on…with more coming

Having used most of these tools, if I had to limit my world to one segment of the sales process, it would absolutely be the top of the funnel and any set of tools that helped me identify and get the attention of more and more potential buyers so I have lots and lots of opportunities to engage and begin the buyer’s journey

Just help me connect with lots and lots of viable prospects and I got the rest.

Until someone creates the next tool that magically accelerates the sales process and allows me to forecast perfectly so I can effortlessly hit my quarterly targets… just help me bring as many viable prospects as possible into my sales process and I will bring the buyer along a well crafted buyer’s journey so my chances of conversion are as high as possible.

Because, here is the absolute truth…

People buy when they are ready to buy and not a second sooner

I try, and I sometimes I kid myself that I have control, but the reality is until the buyer is ready to buy, it ain’t gonna happen. I don’t need another tool that allows me to analyze every move, every read, every click…I really don’t. It makes me feel like I have control, but I don’t.

So, bring me more buyers to talk to!

Bring on the tools that bring me more buyers ’cause that’s where you get the most juice…

I got the rest.

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