Even in the digital age, the early bird still gets the worm!

The early bird gets the worm

If you want to improve your chances of reaching a decision maker, call early! Chances are the decision maker is in early before the chaos starts and they will pick up the phone, because no one else is in to do so.

Here are some other basic, tactical skills that are still pretty handy as part of the overall sales and marketing strategy.

  1. Call before 8AM, 7:30AM or earlier is even better.

  2. Try the mobile number, this almost always works the first time so use it judiciously and make it count!

  3. Look for bounce backs with mobile numbers, other contacts…write these down…they are precious!

  4. Always get the gatekeeper’s name and contact info and be nice, you will need them on your side.

Don’t get me wrong, these tactics don’t replace a well conceived, consistent and strategic sales and marketing strategy, but they work as needed.

Excuse the analogy, but it’s sort of like using a sniper in the midst of a military mission.

I got the worm this morning.

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