Have you seen the recent Schick ad campaign for the Extreme 3 razor?

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It’s clever and entertaining and is supposed to sell the new razor system, but it also sends an interesting message about corporate culture. I think we all agree that a cultural fit is really important for long term survival, but how far does one have to go to “fit in”?  Do you really need to shave your head just because the boss does?  Do you need to drive a Lexus to feel adequate?  The list goes on and on…

It’s also true that innovation stems from diversity and not from homogeneity so perhaps there is some inherent tension inside the walls of corporate America?

As an example, I recently witnessed a very innovative technology start-up receive less than positive feedback based on the physical appearance of the founders…because the potential investors may perceive the look to reflect something about the operation and perhaps their ability to execute.  Sounds ludicrous maybe, as you read this, but it’s true and it happens all the time.  Is it really necessary to wear a suit and tie to work as if that has some real bearing on productivity and innovation?

I would argue that corporate culture should be one that is based on results and not fashion.  Why not allow people to be individuals with their own style with an adherence to a culture that drives the desired results?

Things like:

  1. Obsession about client service
  2. Quality products
  3. Respect for all
  4. Accountability
  5. Celebration of success

There is more than one way to “skin” a cat.

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