For many of us sales folks, the “end of the month” has meaning because we have quotas to reach, deadlines to hit, business to close…

What’s the point, some may ask?

I was thinking about this concept this morning as one of my children (will protect the innocent here…) failed to meet a deadline to complete a homework assignment.  No big deal, right…but it was a life skill teaching opportunity to discuss the importance of meeting deadlines.

Deadlines are arbitrary of course, but they do matter whether we like them or not.  We plan our business and cash flow around hitting numbers; we plan our product releases around developer objectives; we get ready for a conference by completing all the marketing stuff before we show up at a conference hall; so on and so forth…

Deadlines drive us to action so we continue moving forward. Deadlines create the needed sense of urgency to get things done.  Deadlines are what allow deals to close!

So, how did you do this month I ask?


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