My father once said to me “get outside of yourself” and now I know what he meant by that.

As an adult, I can now appreciate and understand that living a productive life is much more than about “me”. Approaching life with a broader perspective is what it’s all about.  If you can “get outside of yourself” you will have more purpose and success in your personal and business life.

Since this blog is about business…let me put this in a business context.

I have always tried to approach business with a shared purpose and it has served me well. If my clients are happy then we will all be successful.  If I can truly connect with my prospects and clients then good things usually happen, much more than a transaction.  Your competitors can try to replicate your products but they can never copy your approach – your unique differentiator.

Social media is supposed to enable people to connect and share, yet most use it as another vehicle to bombard others rather than truly connect and build real relationships.  It looks like “sharing”, but it’s still mostly about “me”.  Facebook is happy since it’s only about traffic, but are the rest of us taking advantage of the power of social media to extend our relationships?

I was connected to someone this week so we agreed to have a conversation.  The conversation was not my typical one, which piqued my interest, so I watched Larry Kesslin’s Ted Talk and it really resonated, so I wanted to share this with you.

We are all searching for something that makes us stand out from the crowd…I think the magic is being authentic and truly connecting with others.

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