I used to think I could figure it all out in my head and then I learned the power of sharing.  I was wrong!  Two heads really are better than one so 3 heads are even better…

Keep reading and networking, sharing ideas with clients, colleagues, friends and you will get new ideas and break through to the next plateau.  The converse, means you will stand still and stop growing. 

I am reading Delivering Happiness by the CEO of Zappos.  Great read and it is generating new ideas for me and my business.  His company culture is based on this concept and he built a hugely successful company.  Read this book.

So the opposite of “garbage in = garbage out” is “great input = great output”.  Keep learning and growing if you want to get better and be more successful on all levels.

Rest up, we only have a week and a couple of days left this month to win some business.


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