I think that is a question we all ask ourselves if we are salespeople.  Because, the less time we waste, the more time we have to sell, and the more business we close…sounds pretty simple right?

Well, we aren’t robots, so we can’t work without a break, or spend some time doing personal things, read the news, check out Facebook, whatever…there is downtime.  We are human…all of that stuff is normal.

So….I would argue, that when you are working you must maximize your time on activities that will lead to business.  Every little thing you do adds up to a lot so when you send that email or make that cold call, make it count!  Maximize technology and information so you don’t spend time doing non-revenue activities like data entry, researching a prospect, finding the right person because your database is stale…

When you net out all the “human” down time, you have 6-8  hours or so to be productive.  How much time did you waste today doing activities that were not related to closing business?  Think about that and then try to come up with some solutions so you have more time tomorrow.  If you waste 20% of your day not selling and you close $1Million per annum…the math is simple.  For every 1% of added productivity you will close another $10,000 of business.  If you get 10% commission on every new dollar, that’s $1,000 in your pocket.  Not bad…

So, what are you gonna do tomorrow to become more productive?

Sell to win!


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