Had a hot prospect go silent on one of my sales guys – I bet that’s never happened to you before right? 🙂

So, I decided to send a non threatening email and ask for candid feedback…it worked!  This person was very open and told us why things stalled and we are now re-opening discussions.  Sometimes you have to let the line out a little before you reel ’em in.

Silence doesn’t mean “no”.   More often than not, there are other reasons for a deal to stall.  The trick and art of selling is to figure out how to get the real reason for the stall and keep the process moving along.  The tag team approach from an Exec is very effective as an approach.

Let’s see what happens.  Closed one nice deal today so let’s see what tomorrow brings.  I think the world is waking up again after the summer lull.


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