If you are going to take the time to build a network, well use it!!!  Pick up the phone, the results will be amazing.

I was reminded again this morning about the power of just having a conversation.

I am helping to raise money for a new venture so I have been reaching out to folks in my network and without fail a conversation leads to unexpected outcomes.  The important point in all of this is, just get started or nothing happens.  It seems to me the majority of folks use social media as some sort of scorecard and don’t really leverage the platform as designed.  I have to laugh at people who get a charge out of the sheer number of connections or “likes” they have with nothing really to show for it.

If you a client facing professional then listen up, because social media has made networking so easy.

There is so much information available and, therefore, so many openings to:

  • find some common ground
  • participate in a group
  • initiate a conversation

Start talking to your network.

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