Okay, the truth of the matter is…it wasn’t a climbing 300 foot line drive over the center fielder’s head…it was more like a pretty well hit grounder up the middle that had enough momentum on firm ground to carry the outfield.  The well placed ball coupled with Jack’s blazing speed (not really…) resulted in an in-the-park homer with the bases loaded!

It was a beautiful thing and more importantly a confidence booster for young Jack.  There is nothing like a little success to breed success.  Am i right?

Business is the same thing.  All you need is

1. That first sale

2. Finally get through to someone after 100 cold calls…

3. Hit your monthly quota for the first time

4. Hit the annual revenue budget

Most people give up too soon!

Keep pushing because success is right around the corner.


Sales and Business Strategist

Bethesda, MD 20814



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