I think the “R”olodex stands for “R”elationships and you can probably throw out the rest of the word because a list of contacts on their own will only get you so far.  What do you do with this list and what you do when you run out of names is the true test of a salesperson.

The beauty of a Rolodex is the immediate access to a list of long-lasting relationships and the leverage that should result from this…only list if it truly is a compilation of meaningful relationships.

The ability to call someone, who you really know, and start the chain reaction is priceless.  Those relationships, that you have worked so hard to acquire and cultivate mean everything and sometimes are the difference between failure and success.  Every contact in your Rolodex is a starting point to a road that will lead somewhere.  So many managers want to hire a salesperson for their Rolodex as if the “list” would somehow be some magical source of immediate business…false hopes I am afraid.  The power of the rolodex will reside in the quality of the relationships and the road that starts with each contact.

Take good care of that Rolodex and let’s hope everyone is doing the same and now you have the ability to tap into a really powerful network.

Isn’t this what LinkedIn is for?



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