I had an interesting local experience last weekend that I thought was worthy of sharing.

I walked into a local business, whose business is all about creating a market for used sporting goods.  Great idea!


The problem with my visit that day was…

I was met with “We don’t take consignments on Sunday”.  Really, why not?  I don’t see any signage that tells me I can’t trade equipment just because it’s Sunday and the store is open for business, huh?

After we got past that, I asked how it worked, etc……only to be met with a series of one word answers.  Finally, I demanded that this person try and make it easy for me to do business or I can go elsewhere…The conclusion was I traded in some old equipment (for much less than I expected) and walked out (less than satisfied) with the deemed economic value equal to a Jersey and some packs of gum.

So what’s my point?

This should have been a fun experience by one of the remaining “nichey” local businesses.  They even claim this on their website!

Family store

After all, a small business’s competitive edge is really only their attention to detail and great service if they want to keep consumers out of the “big boxes”.

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