Well, it was a long soccer season with a string of losses. We had some close games, some moments of brilliance, but nothing in the W column until…yes, our last game!

Celebrating failure seems to be in vogue these days in the literature and maybe there is something to this because you should have seen the look on these kids faces.  Yes, finally…it all came together and there was passing and good execution and a win!

At 9 or 10 it’s supposed to be about teamwork and having fun..I get all that, but there is nothing like winning to increase passion for the game or to boost your self-confidence – let’s face it.  That’s the way the real world works too so better to build these skills and understanding of causation and effect at an early age.  Hard work, failure, persistence lead to success.  I love sports for the game and as importantly for all the real world lessons you get along the way.

If you change the words “soccer season” and “kids” to “fiscal year” and “sales team” this is the same conversation and analysis for your business.

Have some fun and close some deals!


Sales and Business Strategist

Bethesda, MD 20814




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