Over the years I have seen so many styles and so many tactics and so many of every which way to attempt to close a deal…

Closing is the hardest stage of the process.  I don’t care what any of these sales books say or what sales experts tell you…there is nothing harder than getting that signature on the dotted line!

I wonder why there are so many books and classes and blogs about everything else and so little about closing?  I guess I am guilty too with this blog…maybe I should change the topic although I may run out of things to say….yeah, I guess that’s why we all talk about the process that leads to the sale. ok.

Back to closing….

The interesting thing about closing is there is no simple formula.  I could argue there is a general process needed to bring the buyer in a position to close but that path is different every time.

I was closed today on a charitable donation and I would bet the sender didn’t even intend to close me but the email thanking everyone for their donations was the clincher…it got my attention and I went to paypal and done…

Closing is a creative process and sometimes you don’t even know why you got the deal.


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