If you are a salesperson then you know all about the thrill of getting to a close…that’s what we all live for.

Look at the smile on Jack’s face!   He made a sale…he dropped his chips and went back to the counter and came back with a fresh bag and the dollar I gave him to make the purchase.  I challenged him to come back with the goods and the money and voila, he used his sales skills and got a free bag.  Bravo!


A great metaphor for the life of a salesperson, I think…We all have to zig and zag our way through many a deal to get to the finish line and get the prize so I think jack is well on his way to a career in sales or the rigors of life.

There is nothing like success to build confidence for the next sale so my job is start building confidence for life so there is no challenge or objection too great to overcome.

Keep pushing and learning with unbound confidence, and the deals will come.


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