I was having a laugh with my wife about today’s view on sales in the B2B world.

We no longer refer to the process of persuading someone to exchange money for your product or service as “selling”.  Rather, we now guide someone through their buying process.   Heaven forbid we rely on the old-fashioned sales process.

However…in the world of less complex business – retail, apparel, stuff…old fashioned selling is alive and well.  In fact, if your business is less than complex and if you have read too many modern-day sales books, I would argue all those open-ended questions will be the death of your business!

Imagine someone walking into your store who needs a pack of gum before a meeting and, rather than taking their money, you start to ask about their business, what type of environment they work in, how long their meetings typically last…all with a well intended objective to better understand your buyer so you may intelligently guide them towards the best pack of gum!  I don’t think so…

Back to my wife, Dianne, who is building a special apparel business and relies on selling.  At this stage of the business, it’s a grassroots effort at trunk shows, local markets, charity events and it’s all about execution or you go home empty-handed. “When someone comes up to my booth, I have 30 seconds..maybe a minute to make a sale.”  




















Check her out at www.theshinecollection.com.  Know when to buy and know when to sell!

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