I am on the train to NY checking emails, looking at my various social media platforms, and I noticed I have a half-dozen people on LinkedIn that have viewed my profile but have opted to not identify themselves. Why?

I don’t get this in general, but especially not on LinkedIn – a platform designed to promote business interaction and relationship building. I certainly understand why this functionality arrived, so people can look but not engage, but I have to admit it bugs me.

Show your face, engage, why not? We used to put our picture on business cards at one point to create more of a personal connection. Isn’t that what business relationships are all about?

We are voyeurs, looking from a distance afraid to be seen or engage. As an aside to the point…I heard a disturbing story this morning about a local cleric (who shall go unnamed) that was video taping constituents…

After all it is “Social Media” we are all so infatuated with, so be social and show yourself if you must look.

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