If you know your business you don’t need a script to follow.  If you are practicing good selling techniques, you should be asking good questions and listening more to get valuable information..and then respond as needed to focus on what the client needs. 

This means, you will be thinking and adapting to your prospect in real time.  Doesn’t that make more sense anyway instead of giving a canned presentation that may or may not be relevant?  I think so.  If you know your stuff, it’s easy, really…just takes practice. 

If you do want to lead with a standard presentation, I am in favor of a high level, conceptual presentation about your business to set the stage for the meeting so the prospect has a understanding of the way your business operates and why you will deliver better results than other options.  

Here is what it really boils down to – You have 2 ears and 1 mouth, so listen, listen and then speak.  The more you listen, the more the prospect will give you lots of information and tell you exactly what to focus on when it’s your turn to speak. 

Throw away the script! 

Sell to win. 


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