But, you still have to get the horse to drink!

I declared my view on the social selling craze a while ago, but I feel compelled to get on my soapbox again, because I see no end to the tsunami of sales enablement tools and efforts to create opportunities and I think we are missing the core problem in the sales process, the closing process.

There is no question, modern selling has changed and we all need to leverage the digital world (tools and content) or we will lose ground – I am all in on that front, but…

….And I emphasize this big BUT again, I don’t see enough new thinking and technology around the end of the sales process that is all about a real and intelligent dialogue that brings someone through some critical thinking and ultimately a closing.

Let’s face it, if you are selling a B2B solution, regardless of how you get someone to your doorstep, there is no way around the inevitable process that involves a direct human-to-human interaction. Sorry folks, there is no fancy technology solution to lean on to bring the buyer through the last leg of the process, all the way to closure.

Thankfully, the last leg of the process is still dependent on the most advanced technology I know, the human brain.

  1. Ability to connect and build rapport quickly
  2. Convey value based on buyer needs, establish credibility
  3. Listen and differentiate your solution, persuade
  4. Arrive at a final agreement that both sides feel good about

So, I will leave all the tools that bring folks to the watering hole to the smart technologists. You can bet I will leverage these tools as needed, but I will continue to focus my time on the end of the process where I need to think on my feet and artfully guide someone through a thoughtful evaluation and buying process and…..

Together, we will enjoy a satisfying drink!


#closing #human interaction

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